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Back in history…

I first became entranced with Indian Mughal-style art about thirty years ago. It is easy to go a little crazy with these; at one time I had several hundred pieces. These days I have perhaps a dozen or so that I haven’t been able to give up and perhaps another dozen that I wonder why I ever bought in the first place.

It’s a long story but these stylized gouache paintings brought me back to baseball. At some point I realized that this method was perfectly suited to recreating the look of many early cards. Charles.

Something Different

I have a number of 19th century images of Native Americans and Western personalities that we’ve colorized but not published yet. Originally the idea was to do small cabinets but I’m thinking of doing this instead. 6″ x 9″ and the finished piece would be a two-color linocut with the colorized photo printed on specialized paper.

Oklahoma land rush; linocut with colorized photo.

Sam Crawford with Cinci and Detroit, 2 versions

020a crawforda 020d crawforda

Old Manuscript Paper Painting #1: The Ossuary

Mostly I write about sports, of course, but once in a while it is nice to slip in something different. Below is a painting that I did a couple years ago on old manuscript paper. I like to paint on material like that, I don’t think many others do.

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