Back in history…

I first became entranced with Indian Mughal-style art about thirty years ago. It is easy to go a little crazy with these; at one time I had several hundred pieces. These days I have perhaps a dozen or so that I haven’t been able to give up and perhaps another dozen that I wonder why I ever bought in the first place.

It’s a long story but these stylized gouache paintings brought me back to baseball. At some point I realized that this method was perfectly suited to recreating the look of many early cards. Charles.

6 thoughts

  1. Yup, I can definitely see it . . . the visual concept that eventually found expression in the modern trading card . . . and in the case of Helmar Brewing, a direct inspiration for the recent “framed” cards.. This one appears to be a rookie card from the hard-to-find “Great Indian Archers of the 16th Century” set 🙂


      1. Nah, not a COMPLETE set . . . I’m still missing “Aamir the Accurate” and “Bhaskar of the Bullseye.” Sadly, they don’t turn up much at card shows 🙂


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