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Seven times HR champ!

We just finished this one for our new series on the 1950’s and thought you’d enjoy a preview. Charles.

About Charles

This blog is about vintage and hand-made baseball cards, art, brewing and cigars, history and anything interesting that I think should be passed along. Come often, you are welcome!


3 thoughts on “Seven times HR champ!

  1. Seven times HR Champ and in HOF as a Pirate. Spent 2 years, at the end of his career, in Chicago. Why is he in a Cub uniform? Do you have cards of Mays as a Met, Aaron as a Brewer or Ruth as a Brave?


    Posted by George Paterni | February 16, 2019, 2:27 pm
    • I often make cards of a player shown with a team that he is not best known for. Ruth has appeared as both a Brave and a Dodger (coach). Come to think of it, I’ve made Ruth with Providence and even Bethlehem Steel. Often I have players appear with minor league teams that they played for. Joe Tinker appearing with the Portland Webfoots is an example. In the case of the “Black Sox” I once made cards of several of the players with odd teams that they played for after they were thrown out of the bigs (Soren Ice Creams, for example). I think that it is a fun thing to do and keeps things interesting.Thank you for commenting!


      Posted by Charles | February 16, 2019, 3:16 pm

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