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  1. Van, thank you for the great Lincoln story. Yes, a Brady photo. Trying to remember the story of the Brady negatives and how they ended up with the gov’t. I think they strung him along for years and he was not a wealthy man.


  2. Ha! When I first saw the title, I assumed it was another kind of “field,” and that the artwork would portray the famous (but likely apocryphal) moment when Lincoln is visited in Springfield by a congregation from Chicago to let him know of his nomination for president by the Republican Party. He is discovered in the middle of a game of baseball, and tells the person sent to collect him, “I am glad to hear of their coming, but they will have to wait a few minutes till I get my turn at bat.”

    This is a terrific colorization of a wonderful photo. Can we assume it’s Matthew Brady?

    And, thanks for these almost daily blog posts of the last month or so. Whether they’re sneak peeks at new artwork or interesting bits of history (like the one on the DIY postcards of a century ago), I always look forward to them . . .

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