A card project to think about…

No, this doesn’t really exist…yet. Helmar digital mock-up.

These digital mock-ups were intended for my Baseball History & Art magazine but just didn’t fit.

I’ve thought through the process and I am sure that we could make a physical product pretty close to these images.

It would be quite a project, though, and I’m not sure that anyone would be interested. Better known players might help.

What do you think of these designs? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts

  1. Better known? Who’s better known than Black Jack Burdock and Tommy Bond? 🙂 Seriously, of all your real and potential forays into the 19th Century, this one is the most intriguing and the best-looking. I’m not sure exactly what I’m seeing . . . would these be framed and multi-layered items? Cabinet-size or card-size? They look amazing, and they also look complicated and perhaps expensive to produce. But Helmar has a pretty deep collector base, so perhaps there’d be enough of us interested to make these cards financially worthwhile.

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    1. Yes on all counts! I think card sized would be best but you are right, they would be expensive to make. I’ll put this one back in the “maybe” pile


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