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  1. HBD from your number one Oklahoma Helmar fan/collector. A Ty Cobb badge. Niccceeee! Just bought on eBay a Cobb 1963 HoF Bust. Old school is where it’s at. Cheers to you and Helmar on your day. BC


  2. Happy Birthday Charles! My birthday was Friday and Ty is my favorite player also. I’d also like to thank you for all the cards you make. Aside from the old tobacco cards from the early nineteen hundreds, they are my favorite cards to collect.


  3. First off . . . happy birthday!

    Secondly, the Cobb, Wagner and Kelly badge art looks terrific. Assuming that all of the art posted here on the blog is intended to be turned into some new line of collectible, what form do you envision the badge art taking? Something die cut?


  4. Happy Birthday Charles and thank you for your beautiful art that has enriched out lives and our collections. I think old Tyrus gets a bad rap and I still believe he was the greatest ballplayer of all-time and I love me some Babe Ruth!


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