E145-Helmar Full Checklist

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E145-Helmar-1 Wood, Joe Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-2 Ruth, Babe Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-3 Chase, Harold Standing NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-4 Wolter, Harry Holding Dog BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-5 Frisch, Frank; Wheat, Zack; Shaking Hands MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-6 Heilmann, Harry Batting Stance DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-7 Davis, Harry Action PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-8 Grant, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-9 Wallace, Bobby Standing ST LOUIS BROWNS
E145-Helmar-10 Elberfeld, Kid Swinging BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-11 Gowdy, Hank; Maranville, Rabbit; Standing BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-12 Lajoie, Nap; Wagner, Honus; Shaking Hands MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-13 Bender, Chief; Meyers, Chief; Standing MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-14 Bancroft, Dave Swinging PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-15 Cobb, Ty Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-16 Plank, Eddie Wind-up PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-17 Crawford, Sam Action DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-18 Alexander, Grover Wind-up PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-19 McGraw, John Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-20 Dahlen, Bill Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-21 Yellowhorse, Chief Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-22 Jackson, Joe Action CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-23 Collins, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-24 Wheat, Zack Portrait BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-25 Williams, Bob Portrait NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-26 Moran, Herbie Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-27 Archer, Jimmy Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-28 Bresnahan, Roger Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-29 Weaver, Buck Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-30 Walsh, Ed Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-31 Walsh, Jimmy Portrait PHILADELPHIA AMER
E145-Helmar-32 O’Neil, Steve Portrait TORONTO BLUE JAYS
E145-Helmar-33 Walsh, Ed Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-34 Carrigan, Bill Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-35 Wagner, Honus Action PITTSBURGH NATL
E145-Helmar-36 Waddell, Rube Stretching PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-37 Strunk, Amos Standing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-38 Pennock, Herb Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-39 Moeller, Danny Portrait WASHINGTON AMER
E145-Helmar-40 Miller, Otto Stretching BROOKLYN NATL
E145-Helmar-41 Johnson, Walter Throwing WASHINGTON SENATORS
E145-Helmar-42 Claxton, Jimmy Action OAKLAND OAKS
E145-Helmar-43 Cicotte, Ed Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-44 Chapman, Ray Throwing CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-45 Chance, Frank Swinging CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-46 Carey, Max Swinging PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-47 Caldwell, Slim Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
E145-Helmar-48 Bush, Joe throwing PHILADELHPHIA AMER
E145-Helmar-49 Brown, Mordecai Pitching CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-50 Bressler, Rube Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-51 Bradley, Bill Throwing CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-52 Bergen, Bill Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-53 Baum, Charles Wind-up SACRAMENTO SALONS
E145-Helmar-54 Baker, Frank Swinging PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-55 Adams, Babe Throwing PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-56 Nehf, Art Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-57 Ames, Red Throwing NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-58 Bell, George Throwing BROOKLYN SUPERBAS
E145-Helmar-59 Blair, Walter Catching NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-60 Camnitz, Howie Pitching PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-61 Clarke, Fred Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-62 Clarke, Tommy With Catcher’s Mitt CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-63 Altrock, Nick Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
E145-Helmar-64 Burns, George Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-65 Williams, Ken Portrait ST. LOUIS BROWNS
E145-Helmar-66 Davis, George Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-67 Dillhoefer, Pickles Portrait ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-68 Donovan, Bill Throwing DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-69 Dooin, Red Leaping PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-70 Doolin, Mickey Throwing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-71 Doyle, Larry Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-72 Dubuc, Jean Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-73 Dykes, Jimmy Reaching PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-74 Evans,  Billy Standing UMPIRE
E145-Helmar-75 Faber, Red Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-76 Hemphill, Charlie Portrait NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-77 Hoblitzell, Dick Sitting CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-78 Jones, Sad Sam Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-79 Kelly, George Standing NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-80 Kelly, Joe Batting follow through BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-81 Kling, Johnny Throwing CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-82 Konetchy, Ed Portrait ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-83 Leach, Tommy Batting follow through PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-84 Lewis, Duffy Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-85 Loudermilk, Louis Standing ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-86 Mays, Carl Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-87 Sallee, Slim Standing ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-88 Tinker, Joe Throwing CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-89 Titus, John Standing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-90 Vance, Dazzy Throwing BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-91 Walberg, Rube Wind-up PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-92 Williams, Lefty Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-93 Young, Cy Thowing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-94 Youngs, Ross Batting follow through NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-95 Flick, Elmer Batting Stance CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-96 Evers, Johnny Standing BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-97 Duffy, Hugh Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-98 Dressen, Chuck Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-99 Davis, George In field CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-100 Crandall, Doc Portrait ST. LOUIS TERRIERS
E145-Helmar-101 Coombs, Jack Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-102 Collins, Jimmy Standing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-103 Bottomley, Jim Stretching ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-104 Mathewson, Christy Throwing NEW YORK GIANTS






4 thoughts

  1. Love to see the old Brown, Ken Williams, making the Helmar list. Great pick, Charles. Often overlooked, Williams was the first 30/30 man in baseball history and one of only two men to capture the home run crown while Babe Ruth was playing. (To be fair, Ruth had been banned that particular season for “barnstorming”, but still, Williams had cranked out 39 home runs — not a puny total to be sure.) I love the “textured” appearance of the background on these E145’s. It really adds to the richness of the cards.


    1. Hi Bruce! You sure know your baseball. Williams doesn’t get nearly enough respect or attention from fans. It seems that he didn’t get too much respect when he played, either. Take 1923, a year in which he hit 29 homers and batted .357. That placed him second to Ruth in homers (41) and far above the third place finisher, Heilmann (18). His .357 average was 74 points above average for the league, 5th best overall. Yet he only placed 15th in MVP voting…his highest placement ever.


      1. Thanks for the additional info on Ken Williams, Charles. He certainly was the “Rodney Dangerfield” of his era — .357 with 29 HRs and yet finishing 15th! in MVP voting? Poor Kenny didn’t “get no respect. No respect at all!”

        ; )

        Take care,



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