Full Checklist, Helmar Cabinets: Prominent News Makers

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Helmar Cabinet-1 Alexander, Dale Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-2 Baker, Frank Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
Helmar Cabinet-3 Bissonette, Del Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-4 Bluege, Ossie Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
Helmar Cabinet-5 Bush, Donie Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-6 Carrigan, Bill Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
Helmar Cabinet-7 Cobb, Ty Stealing DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-8 Evers, Johnny Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
Helmar Cabinet-9 Ewing, Buck Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-10 Freud, Sigmund Portrait NONE
Helmar Cabinet-11 Fullenwilder, Phifer Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-12 Jennings, Hughie Action DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-13 Johnson, Walter Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
Helmar Cabinet-14 Mathewson, Christy Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-15 McBride, George Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
Helmar Cabinet-16 McGraw, John Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-17 McIntyre, Matty Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
Helmar Cabinet-18 Meyers, Chief Portrait BROOKLYN ROBINS
Helmar Cabinet-19 Navin, Frank Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-20 Ruth, Babe Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
Helmar Cabinet-21 Schaefer, Germany Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
Helmar Cabinet-22 Tinker, Joe Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
Helmar Cabinet-23 Wagner, Honus Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
Helmar Cabinet-24 Wood, Joe Standing BOSTON RED SOX
Helmar Cabinet-25 Youngs, Ross Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
Helmar Cabinet-26 Cobb, Ty Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
Helmar Cabinet-27 Wambsganss, Bill Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
Helmar Cabinet-28 Williams, Cy Portrait PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
Helmar Cabinet-29 Zimmerman, Heinie Arm outstretched CHICAGO CUBS
Helmar Cabinet-30 Miller, Otto Portrait BROOKLYN ROBINS
Helmar Cabinet-31 Jackson, Joe Hands on hips CHICAGO WHITE SOX
Helmar Cabinet-32 Buffalo Bill Show Indian Chief Bow & arrow BUFFALO BILL SHOW
Helmar Cabinet-33 A Congress of American Indians Poster style BUFFALO BILL SHOW
Helmar Cabinet-34 A Company of Wild West Cowboys Poster style BUFFALO BILL SHOW
Helmar Cabinet-35 A Congress of Cuban Insurgents Poster style BUFFALO BILL SHOW
Helmar Cabinet-36 Savage, Barbarous & Civilized Races Poster style BUFFALO BILL SHOW

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