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Design by Coincidence?

Recently I’ve been scanning my modest collection of old matchbox labels and have noticed some similarities in design with old baseball cards. Most of the similarities seem to be unintentional. For example, here are three matchbox covers where the red stripe at the bottom are filled with bold text.

These examples of Swedish matchbox covers for the Indian market share the design element of a red stripe filled with bold text.

Do they remind you of a famous baseball series? How about the classic 1933 Goudey set? Here are three cards from that series followed by a grouping of retired cards from our Helmar-R319 set.

1933 Goudey cards. Note that both end cards have striking red backgrounds. We’ll talk about this in a minute.

I don’t for a moment believe that the Swedish matchbox designers were familiar with the Goudey cards. It is interesting, however, that two sets of graphic designers on different continents adopted the same look.

A Surprising Conclusion Coming

 Now take a gander at the Japanese examples below. The red background concept was used on thousands of different Japanese designs over many years. True, manufacturers in other countries employed it as well–they all copied shamelessly from each other. It was by far most common in Japanese design, however. I’ll share some beautiful examples some other day.

Japan was a major, major exporter of matchboxes in the earlier decades of the 20th century.  Their designs were eye-catching, quirky, and their product was everywhere — including here in the United States. American graphic designers were certainly aware of the Japanese designs and most likely admired them. I don’t think that it is much of a stretch to imagine that the designers of the 1914-15 Cracker Jack cards were heavily influenced by them. What do you think?

Above: early Cracker Jack cards. Below: Helmar Cigar cards.

Helmar 6-Up Die Cuts: A Full Set of 77 For Sale

Dedicated collector Steve Patterson has completed the 77 card series of Helmar Die Cuts. He is offering it for sale; you can contact him below. Previously Steve completed and sold a complete set of the E145-Helmar cards. Congratulations, Steve!  or call Steve at 319 572 0393

With images of six players inset.

With images of six players inset.

E145-Helmar Full Checklist

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E145-Helmar-1 Wood, Joe Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-2 Ruth, Babe Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-3 Chase, Harold Standing NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-4 Wolter, Harry Holding Dog BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-5 Frisch, Frank; Wheat, Zack; Shaking Hands MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-6 Heilmann, Harry Batting Stance DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-7 Davis, Harry Action PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-8 Grant, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-9 Wallace, Bobby Standing ST LOUIS BROWNS
E145-Helmar-10 Elberfeld, Kid Swinging BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-11 Gowdy, Hank; Maranville, Rabbit; Standing BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-12 Lajoie, Nap; Wagner, Honus; Shaking Hands MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-13 Bender, Chief; Meyers, Chief; Standing MULTIPLE
E145-Helmar-14 Bancroft, Dave Swinging PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-15 Cobb, Ty Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-16 Plank, Eddie Wind-up PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-17 Crawford, Sam Action DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-18 Alexander, Grover Wind-up PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-19 McGraw, John Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-20 Dahlen, Bill Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-21 Yellowhorse, Chief Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-22 Jackson, Joe Action CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-23 Collins, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-24 Wheat, Zack Portrait BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-25 Williams, Bob Portrait NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-26 Moran, Herbie Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-27 Archer, Jimmy Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-28 Bresnahan, Roger Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-29 Weaver, Buck Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-30 Walsh, Ed Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-31 Walsh, Jimmy Portrait PHILADELPHIA AMER
E145-Helmar-32 O’Neil, Steve Portrait TORONTO BLUE JAYS
E145-Helmar-33 Walsh, Ed Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-34 Carrigan, Bill Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-35 Wagner, Honus Action PITTSBURGH NATL
E145-Helmar-36 Waddell, Rube Stretching PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-37 Strunk, Amos Standing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-38 Pennock, Herb Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-39 Moeller, Danny Portrait WASHINGTON AMER
E145-Helmar-40 Miller, Otto Stretching BROOKLYN NATL
E145-Helmar-41 Johnson, Walter Throwing WASHINGTON SENATORS
E145-Helmar-42 Claxton, Jimmy Action OAKLAND OAKS
E145-Helmar-43 Cicotte, Ed Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-44 Chapman, Ray Throwing CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-45 Chance, Frank Swinging CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-46 Carey, Max Swinging PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-47 Caldwell, Slim Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
E145-Helmar-48 Bush, Joe throwing PHILADELHPHIA AMER
E145-Helmar-49 Brown, Mordecai Pitching CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-50 Bressler, Rube Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-51 Bradley, Bill Throwing CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-52 Bergen, Bill Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-53 Baum, Charles Wind-up SACRAMENTO SALONS
E145-Helmar-54 Baker, Frank Swinging PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-55 Adams, Babe Throwing PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-56 Nehf, Art Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-57 Ames, Red Throwing NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-58 Bell, George Throwing BROOKLYN SUPERBAS
E145-Helmar-59 Blair, Walter Catching NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-60 Camnitz, Howie Pitching PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-61 Clarke, Fred Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-62 Clarke, Tommy With Catcher’s Mitt CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-63 Altrock, Nick Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
E145-Helmar-64 Burns, George Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-65 Williams, Ken Portrait ST. LOUIS BROWNS
E145-Helmar-66 Davis, George Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-67 Dillhoefer, Pickles Portrait ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-68 Donovan, Bill Throwing DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-69 Dooin, Red Leaping PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-70 Doolin, Mickey Throwing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-71 Doyle, Larry Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-72 Dubuc, Jean Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
E145-Helmar-73 Dykes, Jimmy Reaching PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-74 Evans,  Billy Standing UMPIRE
E145-Helmar-75 Faber, Red Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-76 Hemphill, Charlie Portrait NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
E145-Helmar-77 Hoblitzell, Dick Sitting CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-78 Jones, Sad Sam Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-79 Kelly, George Standing NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-80 Kelly, Joe Batting follow through BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-81 Kling, Johnny Throwing CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-82 Konetchy, Ed Portrait ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-83 Leach, Tommy Batting follow through PITTSBURGH PIRATES
E145-Helmar-84 Lewis, Duffy Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-85 Loudermilk, Louis Standing ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-86 Mays, Carl Throwing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-87 Sallee, Slim Standing ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-88 Tinker, Joe Throwing CHICAGO CUBS
E145-Helmar-89 Titus, John Standing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
E145-Helmar-90 Vance, Dazzy Throwing BROOKLYN ROBINS
E145-Helmar-91 Walberg, Rube Wind-up PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-92 Williams, Lefty Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-93 Young, Cy Thowing BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-94 Youngs, Ross Batting follow through NEW YORK GIANTS
E145-Helmar-95 Flick, Elmer Batting Stance CLEVELAND INDIANS
E145-Helmar-96 Evers, Johnny Standing BOSTON BRAVES
E145-Helmar-97 Duffy, Hugh Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
E145-Helmar-98 Dressen, Chuck Portrait CINCINNATI REDS
E145-Helmar-99 Davis, George In field CHICAGO WHITE SOX
E145-Helmar-100 Crandall, Doc Portrait ST. LOUIS TERRIERS
E145-Helmar-101 Coombs, Jack Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-102 Collins, Jimmy Standing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
E145-Helmar-103 Bottomley, Jim Stretching ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
E145-Helmar-104 Mathewson, Christy Throwing NEW YORK GIANTS






The Top 15 Sought After Hand-Made Baseball Cards

Here they are, listed by the highest auction prices realized over the past twelve months. It is nice to see that these top cards are spread over the several different series that we’ve been working on.

Rank      Amount      Series                                 Card #      Player Name

1           $315.00       R319                                  49               Ruth, Babe

2           $305.00       R319                                  93              Cobb, Ty

3           $302.00       Helmar Die-Cut                14              Clarke, JJ; Young, Cy; Bradley, Bill; Joss, Addie;

Easterly, Ted; Flick, Elmer;

4            $294.00       Helmar Imperial Cabinet 11             Jackson, Joe

5            $286.69       R319                                  49            Ruth, Babe

6            $281.56      E145                                    2             Ruth, Babe

7            $277.00      R319                                   94            Lloyd, Pop

8           $274.00       R319                                  117           Mantle, Mickey

9           $265.00       R321-Helmar                      2             Jackson; Williams; Risberg; McMullen;

10        $257.52        Imperial                              18            Wagner, Honus

11        $246.02       E145-Helmar                       2             Ruth, Babe

12       $244.27       E145-Helmar                       1             Wood, Joe

13       $237.50       Helmar Imperial Cabinet     17          Ruth, Babe

14      $236.46        T206-Helmar                        10         Cobb, Ty; Wagner, Honus;

15      $235.50        R319                                    129        Mantle, Mickey

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Buck Weaver Quits Job as Soda Jerk; Will Play for Jimmy Archer

If you’re anything like me, you can easily get lost for hours on the Internet, transfixed, wandering aimlessly from one obscure web page to another. Today I was searching for obscure anecdotes on Irish Jimmy Archer (born in Dublin) and came across this short, interesting article. It is from the April 9th, 1921 issue of the Toledo News-Bee (page 16). I knew that most of the Black Sox had some difficult times after they were forced out of baseball but I hadn’t realized that Buck Weaver had become a soda jerk. Still, a job is a job. I’ve already made a card of Weaver playing for Sorensen’s Ice Creams, perhaps I’ll make one of him with the Woodlawn Lions. There was another article about Jimmy Archer managing an Aurora team that was due to play the Chicago Union Giants the following year, that was interesting, too. Anyway, here is the article and our E145-Helmar Jimmy Archer:

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