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Buck Weaver Quits Job as Soda Jerk; Will Play for Jimmy Archer

If you’re anything like me, you can easily get lost for hours on the Internet, transfixed, wandering aimlessly from one obscure web page to another. Today I was searching for obscure anecdotes on Irish Jimmy Archer (born in Dublin) and came across this short, interesting article. It is from the April 9th, 1921 issue of the Toledo News-Bee (page 16). I knew that most of the Black Sox had some difficult times after they were forced out of baseball but I hadn’t realized that Buck Weaver had become a soda jerk. Still, a job is a job. I’ve already made a card of Weaver playing for Sorensen’s Ice Creams, perhaps I’ll make one of him with the Woodlawn Lions. There was another article about Jimmy Archer managing an Aurora team that was due to play the Chicago Union Giants the following year, that was interesting, too. Anyway, here is the article and our E145-Helmar Jimmy Archer:

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One thought on “Buck Weaver Quits Job as Soda Jerk; Will Play for Jimmy Archer

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