Famous Athletes Series: Lloyd Dalager, Autographed

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my quest (unfulfilled) for a signed Famous Athletes card of Darnell (Hard) Knox. It made me think about some of the other cards that I’ve tried to get signed in that series. I was successful getting a Lloyd Dalager back in 2007. Lloyd, you may know, is the last living player for the old House of David teams. He was 94 when he signed for me and it was one of the best baseball related experiences that I’ve ever had. I had been invited to attend a vintage ballgame at the compound, which is on the other side of the state. It was well worth the trip. The day was beautiful and the grass was green. I really enjoy watching vintage style games and this one was a humdinger. For several innings I sat on the old wooden bench next to Mr. Dalager. He was really a gentleman and was kind enough to talk about the old days with me. He did sign a couple cards and I am picturing one below. Does anyone else have one of these signed? I know that he didn’t sign through the mail.

7 thoughts

  1. Just amazing. What a remarkable piece of baseball history you’ve got there! I can’t help but think there is a motion picture waiting to be made from the whole House of David story!


    1. John, I looked over your project in some detail. Wow, that is a lot of intricate thinking to bring it together. The research looked like fun–so many things that I enjoy. Looks great!


      1. Thanks so much, Charles. Coming from someone like you – who combines what must be incredible organizational work and salesmanship with a unique love for art and creativity, somehow also synthesized with a deep abiding love for baseball lore and history – I cannot imagine a nicer compliment. Oh – I picked up another of your cards, the Helmar Oasis #179 Joe McGinnity. On my somewhat limited budget, I’m hoping on picking up a few sample pieces of your amazing work. The “Batter Up!” card of one-armed Pete Gray I got is, quite simply, the most elegant card ever made of Mr. Gray. Cheers!


  2. With regret, I share that Mr. Dalager passed August 1, 2012. It was after reading an August 3, 2012 article in the Herald Palladium on his passing that I Googled his name and found your blog


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