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Dazzy Vance, Brooklyn Jacket

Dazzy Vance: Led the NL in strikeouts seven straight years.

I’m partial to paintings of players wearing sweaters and jackets. It’s an added opportunity to play with colors and textures. This card of the irrepressible Dazzy Vance was #278 in the Helmar-R319 series. It is retired though I may have one more mounted in my stack. I suspect other collectors like poses such as this. The highest price paid for the other card of Vance in the same series, #6, was half as much as this one. Charles

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The Cincinnati Jungle Club

This painting became card #118 in Helmar’s R319 series

This is one of my favorite cards that we’ve done. Sanjay Verma did the original painting in gouache, as usual. The size of the original is only 3″ x 3.5″. I think that it is incredible to get that much detail into such a small space. Charles

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Big League Retirement Party

Wow, I was looking over the list of cards in our Helmar-R319 series that have retired over the past few months. As you know, we auction about four prints of a card each year until we reach the total that we intend to sell. In the case of this series we planned on selling twenty prints of each. It saddens me a bit when a card reaches retirement.

The good part about a card retirement is that in one sense the fun is just beginning. At this point the card has entered the secondary market and the twenty or so lucky souls that are fortunate enough to own a print have something very, very rare. In a few weeks we’ll be introducing the Helmar Marketplace on our website; this should help Helmar collectors connect more easily.

Anyway, here is a sampling of recent retirees:



The Top Ten: R319-Helmar by Price


12 12 2378  12 12 1981  12 12 2344  12 12 2347   g045

12 12 2345   11 10 10 r319025   12 07 31128   319 paige066   12 12 2242

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Update: R319-Helmar Top Cards by Average Selling Price

This top graph is up to date as of February 11, 2013. It is always interesting to watch the results as the cards jostle for the top slots.

top selling price ave 2-22-13

This bottom graph is through Jan. 12, 2013.

r319 top 6 cards 13 01 12


R319-Helmar Checklist

R319-Helmar-1 Bengough, Bennie Catching Stance NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-2 Crawford, Sam Action DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-3 Rowe, Lynwood Pitching DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-4 Johnson, Walter Pitching Stance WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-5 Campanella, Roy Catching Stance BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-6 Vance, Dazzy Wind-up ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-7 Charleston, Oscar Portrait SANTA CLARA CUBA
R319-Helmar-8 Cobb, Ty Action DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-9 Johnson, Byron Kneeling KANSAS CITY MONARCHS
R319-Helmar-10 Ott, Mel Swinging NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-11 O’Doul, Lefty Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-12 Klein, Chuck Swinging PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
R319-Helmar-13 Ferrell, Rick Standing ST LOUIS BROWNS
R319-Helmar-14 Clarke, Fred Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-15 Greenberg, Hank Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-16 Marcell, Oliver Portrait SANTA CLARA CUBA
R319-Helmar-17 Bottomley, Jim Swinging ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-18 Dean, Dizzy; Dean, Daffy; Dugout ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-19 Frisch, Frank Batting Stance ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-20 Betto, Kaoru Batting Stance MAINICHI ORIONS
R319-Helmar-21 Bresnahan, Roger Catching NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-22 Fujimoto, Sadayoshi Portrait OSAKA PACIFIC
R319-Helmar-23 Grove, Robert Pitching BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-24 Lajoie, Nap Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-25 Hardin, Bill Action HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-26 Gibson, Josh Swinging HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-27 Coveleski, Stan Wind-up CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-28 Didrikson, Babe Action HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-29 Cronin, Joseph Portrait WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-30 Camili, Dolph Dugout CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-31 Cross, John Batting Stance HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-32 Gehringer, Charlie Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-33 Gehrig, Lou Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-34 Ruth, Babe Portrait BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-35 Rogell, Billy Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-36 Ruth, Babe Swinging NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-37 Cobb, Ty Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-38 Dickey, Bill Catching Stance NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-39 Kerr, Dickie Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-40 Hafey, Chick Bat Over Shoulder ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-41 Banks, Ernie Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-42 Jackson, Joe Dugout CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-43 Paige, Satchel Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-44 Arlett, Buzz Squating MINNEAPOLIS MILLERS
R319-Helmar-45 Gehrig, Lou Swinging NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-46 Chance, Frank Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-47 Clemente, Roberto Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-48 Mays, Willie Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-49 Ruth, Babe Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
R319-Helmar-50 Brown, Mordecai Waist up CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-51 Musial, Stan Swinging ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-52 Robinson, Wilbert Portrait BROOKLYN ROBINS
R319-Helmar-53 Grimes, Burleigh Making spitball PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-54 Bender, Chief Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-55 Stearnes, Turkey Portrait DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-56 Robinson, Jackie Kneeling BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-57 Cochrane, Mickey Action DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-58 Mantle, Mickey Batting Stance NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-59 Evers, Johnny Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-60 Wilson, Hack Bat Over Shoulder CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-61 Maris, Roger Swinging NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-62 Chase, Harold Portrait CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-63 Chesbro, Jack Portrait NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
R319-Helmar-64 Waner, Paul Swinging PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-65 Clemente, Roberto Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-66 Hubbell, Carl; Grove, Lefty; Standing MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-67 Collins, Eddie; Mack; Standing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-68 Waner, Paul; Waner, Lloyd; Kneeling PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-69 Starfinn, Victor Wind-up TOKYO KYOJINGUN
R319-Helmar-70 McGraw, John Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-71 Anson, Cap Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-72 Vander Meer, Johnny Holding Baseball CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-73 Traynor, Pie Bat Over Shoulder PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-74 Bell, James Portrait DETROIT WOLVES
R319-Helmar-75 Weaver, Buck Action SORENSON’S ICE CREAMS
R319-Helmar-76 Speaker, Tris Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-77 Mackey, Biz Portrait HILLDALE DAISIES
R319-Helmar-78 Wheat, Zack Swinging BROOKLYN ROBINS
R319-Helmar-79 Wilson, Hack Swinging BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-80 Foxx, Jimmy Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-81 Jackson, Joe Bat Over Shoulder CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-82 Stephens, Vern Standing BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-83 Aaron, Hank Swinging MILWAUKEE BRAVES
R319-Helmar-84 Boudreau, Lou Kneeling CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-85 Carrigan, Bill Catching BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-86 Chance, Frank; Jennings, Hughie; Standing MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-87 Williams, Ted Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-88 Fothergill, Robert Bat Over Shoulder CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-89 Thorpe, Jim Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-90 Greenberg, Hank Batting Stance DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-91 Hodges, Gil Batting Stance BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-92 Heilmann, Harry Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-93 Cobb, Ty Action DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-94 Lloyd, Pop Standing HILLDALE DAISIES
R319-Helmar-95 Mathewson, Christy Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-96 Sawamura, Eiji Throwing YOMIURI GIANTS
R319-Helmar-97 Paige, Satchel; Dean, Dizzy; Standing MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-98 Street, Gabby Action WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-99 Taylor, Steel Arm Portrait WEST BADEN SPRUDELS
R319-Helmar-100 Cobb, Ty; Wagner, Honus; Standing MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-101 Walker, Dixie Swinging BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-102 Wells, Willie Swinging MEMPHIS RED SOX
R319-Helmar-103 Wickware, Frank Holding Baseball MOHAWK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-104 Williams, Ted Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-105 Tinker, Joe Standing CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-106 Lombardi, Ernie Throwing CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-107 Street, Gabby; Johnson, Walter; Standing WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-108 Berg, Moe Mitt in air CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-109 Gehrig, Lou Purple sky NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-110 Feller, Bob Throwing CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-111 Gibson, Josh Squating PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R319-Helmar-112 Kelly, George Action BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-113 Jackson, Joe Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-114 Wheat, Zack Standing BROOKLYN ROBINS
R319-Helmar-115 Williams, Ted; Dimaggio, Joe; Dugout MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-116 Brouthers, Dan Portrait LOUISVILLE COLONELS
R319-Helmar-117 Mantle, Mickey Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-118 Werber, Bill; Myers, Bill; Frey, Lonnie; McCormick, Frank; Dugout CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-119 Rixey, Eppa Portrait CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-120 Mays, Willie Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-121 Wood, Joe Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-122 Plank, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-123 Jackson, Joe Batting Stance CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-124 Spahn; Sain, Johnny; Holding Baseball MILWAUKEE BRAVES
R319-Helmar-125 Aaron, Hank Portrait ATLANTA BRAVES
R319-Helmar-126 Berg, Moe Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-127 Collins, Eddie Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-128 Foxx, Jimmy Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-129 Mantle, Mickey Pointing At Ball NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-130 Chapman, Ray Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-131 Hubbell, Carl Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-132 Roush, Edd Portrait CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-133 Greenberg, Hank Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-134 Grove, Robert Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-135 Hafey, Chick; Bottomly, Jim; Dugout ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-136 Mathewson, Christy; Johnson, Walter; Handshake MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-137 Ott, Mel Swinging NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-138 Maranville, Rabbit Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
R319-Helmar-139 Brown, Bobby Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-140 Wilson, Hack Dugout BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-141 Hartnett, Gabby Bat Over Shoulder CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-142 Mantle, Mickey; Maris, Roger; Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-143 Berg, Moe Catching Stance BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-144 Campanella, Roy Throwing BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-145 Kaneda, Masaichi Holding Baseball KOKUTETSU SWALLOWS
R319-Helmar-146 Musial, Stan Batting Stance ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-147 Gibson, Josh Bending Over HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-148 Reese, Pee Wee Portrait BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-149 Drysdale, Don; Koufax, Sandy; Pitching Stance LOS ANGELES DODGERS
R319-Helmar-150 Clemente, Roberto Batting Stance PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-151 Greenberg, Hank Bat Over Shoulder DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-152 Dean, Dizzy; Dean, Daffy; Holding Baseball ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-153 Robinson, Jackie Batting Stance BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-154 Robinson, Eddie Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-155 Ruth, Babe Action BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-156 Wilson, Hack Portrait BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-157 Rogell, Billy Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-158 Wagner, Honus Bat Over Shoulder PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-159 Baker, Frank Swinging PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-160 Brown, Mordecai Portrait BROOKLYN TIP-TOPS
R319-Helmar-161 Chapman, Ray Swinging CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-162 Chase, Harold Catching NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
R319-Helmar-163 Dean, Daffy Portrait ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-164 Dimaggio, Joe Swinging NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-165 Hornsby, Roger Swinging ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-166 Kaiser, Cecil Portrait DETROIT GIANTS
R319-Helmar-167 Lazzeri, Tony Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-168 Mantle, Mickey; Aaron, Hank; Bat Over Shoulder MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-169 Mantle, Mickey; Berra, Yogi; Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-170 Merkle, Fred Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-171 Oh, Sadaharu Bat Over Shoulder TOKYO GIANTS
R319-Helmar-172 Pennock, Herb Portrait PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-173 Radcliffe, Theodore Catching Stance BIRMINGHAM BARONS
R319-Helmar-174 Robinson, Frank Batting Stance CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-175 Ruth, Babe Bat Over Shoulder NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-176 Vaughn, Hip; Faust, Dutch; Hannaford, Horace; Standing HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-177 Mathewson, Christy Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-178 Youngs, Ross Swinging NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-179 Wagner, Honus Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-180 Lajoie, Nap Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-181 Grimm, Charlie Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-182 Terry, Bill Kneeling NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-183 Combs, Earle Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-184 Johnson, Judy Action PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R319-Helmar-185 Lyons, Ted Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-186 Faber, Red Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-187 Bankhead, Sam Standing HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-188 Alexander, Grover Bat Over Shoulder PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
R319-Helmar-189 Speaker, Tris Portrait BOSTON RED SOX
R319-Helmar-190 Goslin, Goose Bat Over Shoulder WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-191 Sisler, George Batting Stance ST LOUIS BROWNS
R319-Helmar-192 Durocher, Leo Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-193 Berra, Yogi Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-194 Gray, Pete Stretching ST LOUIS BROWNS
R319-Helmar-195 Oms, Alajandro Portrait SAN JOSE CUBA
R319-Helmar-196 Hooper, Harry Catching CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-197 Haines, Jesse Standing ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-198 Torriente, Cristobal Portrait HABANA BBC
R319-Helmar-199 Simmons, Al Batting Stance PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-200 Paige, Satchel; Gibson, Josh; Standing MULTIPLE
R319-Helmar-201 Ishii, Masayuki Swinging HANSHIN TIGERS
R319-Helmar-202 Koufax, Sandy Action LOS ANGELES DODGERS
R319-Helmar-203 Schalk, Ray Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-204 Wagner, Honus Standing PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-205 Jackson, Joe Portrait CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R319-Helmar-206 Mathewson, Christy Standing NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-207 Greenberg, Hank; Gehringer, Charlie; Dugout DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-208 Joss, Addie Stretching CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-209 Leonard, Buck Bat Over Shoulder HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-210 Medwick, Joe Portrait ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-211 Mize, John Swinging NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-212 Bell, James Portrait PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R319-Helmar-213 Gibson, Josh Catching Stance PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R319-Helmar-214 Dihigo, Martin Throwing NEW YORK CUBAN STARS
R319-Helmar-215 Williams, Joseph Portrait CHICAGO AMERICAN GIANTS
R319-Helmar-216 Stearnes, Turkey Portrait DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-217 Wilson, Ernest Batting Stance BALTIMORE BLACK SOX
R319-Helmar-218 Santop, Louis Standing HILLDALE DAISIES
R319-Helmar-219 Foster, Bill Stretching CHICAGO AMERICAN GIANTS
R319-Helmar-220 Tiant, Louis Portrait NEW YORK CUBAN STARS
R319-Helmar-221 Petway, Bruce Portrait DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-222 Suttles, George Swinging DETROIT WOLVES
R319-Helmar-223 Paige, Satchel Holding Baseball KANSAS CITY MONARCHS
R319-Helmar-224 Scales, George Standing HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-225 Poles, Spots Swinging LINCOLN GIANTS
R319-Helmar-226 Lopez, Al Fielding BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-227 Beckwith, John Standing PALMER HOUSE INDIANS
R319-Helmar-228 Cobb, Ty Reaching DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-229 Robinson, Neil Standing MEMPHIS RED SOX
R319-Helmar-230 Mesa, Pablo; Oms, Alejandro; Charleston, Oscar; Standing SANTA CLARA CUBA
R319-Helmar-231 Nicholson, Bill Dugout CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-232 Rice, Sam Swinging WASHINGTON SENATORS
R319-Helmar-233 Zachary, Tom Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-234 Waner, Lloyd Swinging PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-235 Maglie, Sal Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-236 DeMoss, Elwood Swinging CHICAGO AMERICAN GIANTS
R319-Helmar-237 Dandridge, Ray Portrait CARACAS VARGAS
R319-Helmar-238 Radcliffe, Alex Swinging NEW YORK CUBAN STARS
R319-Helmar-239 Lloyd, John Swinging CUBAN X-GIANTS
R319-Helmar-240 Wagner, Hans; Traynor, Pie; Dugout PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-241 Charleston, Oscar Catching PHILADELPHIA DEPOT
R319-Helmar-242 Hornsby, Roger Swinging CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-243 Pinellie, Babe Throwing CINCI REDS
R319-Helmar-244 Ehmke, Howard Throwing DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-245 Wilson, Jimmy Portrait PHILIDELPHIA PHILLIES
R319-Helmar-246 Lindstrom, Fred Swinging PHILIDELPHIA PHILLIES
R319-Helmar-247 Musial, Bob Swinging NY GIANTS
R319-Helmar-248 Pipp, Wally Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-249 Mendez, Jose Portrait SANTA CLARA CUBA
R319-Helmar-250 Joss, Addie Portrait CLEVELAND NAPS
R319-Helmar-251 Peckingpaugh, Roger Throwing YANKEES
R319-Helmar-252 Delahanty, Ed Portrait SENATORS
R319-Helmar-253 Rowe, Schoolboy Windup DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-254 O’Doul, Lefty Bat on shoulder BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-255 Newhouser, Hal Glove at chest DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-256 Pratt, Del Reaching DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-257 Williams, Davey Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-258 Heilmann, Harry Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-259 Newsom, Bobo Throwing DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-260 Jackson, Travis Portrait NEW YORK GIANTS
R319-Helmar-261 Koufax, Sandy Rubbing ball LOS ANGELES DODGERS
R319-Helmar-262 Nehf, Art Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
R319-Helmar-263 Herman, Babe Swinging follow through BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-264 Trout, Dizzy Chewing tobacco DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-265 Veach, Bobby Hands on hips DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-266 Spahn, Warren Portrait BOSTON BRAVES
R319-Helmar-267 Sewell, Joe Reaching CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-268 Rizzuto, Phil; Coleman, Jerry Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-269 Martin, Pepper Portrait ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-270 Slaughter, Enos Portrait ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R319-Helmar-271 York, Rudy Portrait DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-272 Vaughn, Hippo Windup CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-273 Johnson, Bob Batting PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
R319-Helmar-274 Jones, Sam Pitching Follow Through SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS
R319-Helmar-275 Bridges, Tommy Windup DETROIT TIGERS
R319-Helmar-276 Root, Charlie Windup CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-277 Uhle, George Portrait CLEVELAND INDIANS
R319-Helmar-278 Vance, Dazzy With jacket BROOKLYN DODGERS
R319-Helmar-279 Vaughan, Arky Batting follow through PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-280 Smith, Hilton Looking left KANSAS CITY MONARCHS
R319-Helmar-281 Crawford, Sam (black) Throwing CHICAGO AMERICAN GIANTS
R319-Helmar-282 Romanach, Tomas Portrait ALMENDARAS, CUBA
R319-Helmar-283 Molina, Agustin Portrait HABANA
R319-Helmar-284 Winters, Nip Portrait ALMENDARAS, CUBA
R319-Helmar-285 Wesley, Edgar Portrait HABANA
R319-Helmar-286 Warfield, Weasel Portrait SANTA CLARA CUBA
R319-Helmar-287 Thomas, Clint Portrait HABANA
R319-Helmar-288 Jimenez, Hooks Hands on hips ALMENDARAS, CUBA
R319-Helmar-289 Marsans, Armando Batting follow through ALMENDARAS, CUBA
R319-Helmar-290 Gonzales, Miguel Hat backwards HABANA
R319-Helmar-291 Cepeda, Perucho Fielding NEW YORK CUBAN STARS
R319-Helmar-292 Brown, Larry With gear DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-293 Redding, Cannonball Portrait BROOKLYN ROYAL GIANTS
R319-Helmar-294 Harris, Vic Foot on step HOMESTEAD GRAYS
R319-Helmar-295 Phelps, Blimp Batting follow through CHICAGO CUBS
R319-Helmar-296 Crosetti, Frank In Dugout NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-297 Cuyler, Kiki Orange Background PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R319-Helmar-298 Noguchi, Jiro Red Background HANKU BRAVES
R319-Helmar-299 Huggins, Miller Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
R319-Helmar-300 Louis, Joe On Bench JOE LOUIS BOMBERS
R319-Helmar-301 Crutchfield, Jimmy Standing PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R319-Helmar-302 Daniels, Pepper Ball in Hand DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-303 Brewer, Sherwood Batting follow through INDIANAPOLIS CLOWNS
R319-Helmar-304 Robinson, Bobby Portrait DETROIT STARS
R319-Helmar-305 Ball, Walter Throwing CHICAGO UNION GIANTS
R319-Helmar-306 Tucker, John Portrait HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-307 Tally, Jesse Lee Batting follow through HOUSE OF DAVID
R319-Helmar-308 Dewhirst, Bob Batting follow through HOUSE OF DAVID

The Top 15 Sought After Hand-Made Baseball Cards

Here they are, listed by the highest auction prices realized over the past twelve months. It is nice to see that these top cards are spread over the several different series that we’ve been working on.

Rank      Amount      Series                                 Card #      Player Name

1           $315.00       R319                                  49               Ruth, Babe

2           $305.00       R319                                  93              Cobb, Ty

3           $302.00       Helmar Die-Cut                14              Clarke, JJ; Young, Cy; Bradley, Bill; Joss, Addie;

Easterly, Ted; Flick, Elmer;

4            $294.00       Helmar Imperial Cabinet 11             Jackson, Joe

5            $286.69       R319                                  49            Ruth, Babe

6            $281.56      E145                                    2             Ruth, Babe

7            $277.00      R319                                   94            Lloyd, Pop

8           $274.00       R319                                  117           Mantle, Mickey

9           $265.00       R321-Helmar                      2             Jackson; Williams; Risberg; McMullen;

10        $257.52        Imperial                              18            Wagner, Honus

11        $246.02       E145-Helmar                       2             Ruth, Babe

12       $244.27       E145-Helmar                       1             Wood, Joe

13       $237.50       Helmar Imperial Cabinet     17          Ruth, Babe

14      $236.46        T206-Helmar                        10         Cobb, Ty; Wagner, Honus;

15      $235.50        R319                                    129        Mantle, Mickey

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Hard to find Cards of these Tigers!

The portraits below will soon be added to our R319-Helmar series. Schoolboy Rowe is already in the series (card #3) but I couldn’t resist adding this great pose. This is the first time, however, that Rudy York will appear on a Helmar card. He spent 10 of his 13 seasons in Detroit, finishing with 277 home runs in his career.

Two Cocky Cardinals Added to the R319-Helmar Series

Enos “Country” Slaughter, along with Johnny “Pepper” Martin, epitomized the hard-nosed style of play that fans loved and opponents feared. Both players were wildly popular in St. Louis; they are therefore presented in these paintings as Cardinals.

While Martin was twelve years older than Slaughter, they did play together for three seasons. Not only were their styles of play similar, so were their batting averages. Martin retired after thirteen seasons (all with St. Louis) with a .298 average; Slaughter finished nineteen seasons with an even .300 mark.


Harry Heilmann & Bobby Veach: Two New Detroit Uniform Styles for the R319-Helmar Series

Let’s take a quick look at these two new paintings by Sanjay Verma, both of underrated, early Detroit Tiger stars. The cards made from these paintings will be high numbers in our R319-Helmar art set. The first painting is of Harry “Slug” Heilmann, who roamed Tiger outfields from 1914-29. Heilmann, who enjoyed a lifetime .342 batting average, had four single seasons with averages between .393 and .403. Not bad. He is depicted in his 1927 road duds, the only season this particular design was used. It was also the first campaign in 22 years that did not have Ty Cobb on the team. Along with being a Detroit legend as a player, Cobb had also managed the team for the previous 6 seasons. He had been forced to leave under somewhat shady circumstances, so perhaps once more a uniform change indicated a change in team direction.

I am mystified why the style lasted only one year; the Tiger head logo brought some color to the field. Perhaps it was felt that the tiger didn’t appear ferocious enough; the animal does look a bit ill.

The second painting is of Heilmann’s teammate and fellow outfielder Bobby Veach. Veach played all but two of his 14 years in Detroit, finishing there in 1923. For the life of me I can’t understand why Veach isn’t more valued among collectors. He had a .310 lifetime average, for cripes sakes, and led the league several times in important categories. Over the 1913-23 years, which were the years in which he was a starting player, he led the majors in runs batted in. I suppose it is partially because his career inconveniently fell between the collecting booms of the 1909-15 and early 1930’s eras. Anyway, he is pictured in this high numbered card with his 1920 home uniform. The stylized “D” chest logo was used from 1918-20, though the combination with the white cap would place it definitively at 1920.

Heilmann and Veach, each pleasant men, got along well until the 1921 season. In that year, new manager Ty Cobb instructed Heilman, then 26, to regularly yell at and insult the older Veach (33). The general idea seems to have been that the goading would inspire Veach, known as very easy going, to new heights of play. Cobb promised to reveal the plan, and Heilmann’s reluctant part in it, at the end of the season. It was a successful plan, at least partially. Veach batted .338 with 128 runs batted in. However, Cobb refused to own up to the ploy at the appointed time. Veach refused to believe Heilmann’s story and held a deep grudge against him for years afterward. Both men retired to the Detroit area after their playing days were over, with Veach eventually owning a coal company.

Warren Spahn & Art Nehf: New Braves for the R319-Helmar Series

The Braves, whether they’ve been in Boston, Milwaukee or Atlanta, have usually had great looking uniforms. Today I’ll share with you two new pieces of art that showcase a couple of my favorites.

First off, we have Warren Spahn wearing the familiar “tomahawk” jersey that we all love. This style was introduced for the 1946 season, perhaps in recognition that with WWII now over, it was high time for a bit of enthusiasm and a fresh start. The sad fact that the team had not finished higher than fifth place (and usually much lower) in the previous 11 seasons would factor into the “fresh start” theory. The new uniform was ambitious in both design and execution, rivaling only the famous St. Louis Cardinal graphics. The simple blue chest script (reading “Boston” or “Braves”) was replaced by the three color, stylized “Braves” and the tomahawk graphic added. The new cap and hose redesigns added drama through color. Only the Indian head logo on the left sleeve was kept for continuity, and even that was reversed. In addition, a shimmering silk uniform version was introduced for the new-fangled night games.

Our second painting shows hurler Art Nehf in the Brave’s home uniform used from mid 1915 through 1920. Nehf pitched for the team, usually quite well, from 1915 through part of the 1919 season. This uniform style has an early, simplified version of the Indian head prominently placed over the left breast. The red and white head, encircled by dark blue, must have been quite difficult to make out at any distance. I’m not familiar with many cards from that era showing this uniform, and none in color. As for Nehf, his career spanned 15 years, over which he accumulated a very satisfactory 184-120 record.

Two New Tigers join the R319-Helmar Series!

It must have seemed that Bobo Newsom pitched forever and with nearly every team. In the minor leagues he donned ten different uniforms over nine seasons. His pitching record in the bushes was 146-112. The majority of his career, of course, was spent in the big leagues. He toiled for all or parts of twenty seasons there, appearing with nine different franchises, compiling a 211-222 record. By my count, that adds up to 357 wins and 334 losses. Just imagine a modern pitcher recording 691 decisions! All told, it took the big 6’3″, 200 pound righthander full twenty-five years to put those numbers together. This art shows Bobo with Detroit, with whom he played for from 1939-41. Those were some of his best seasons, if you overlook 1941’s 12-20 results. I’m also astounded by the sheer number of innings he pitched–5,971!

Del Pratt is another name known to studious baseball fans. He played 13 years in the bigs (1912-24) plus a full 9 years in the minors (1910-11, 1926-32). His big league career average was a solid .292. He played just two years with Detroit at the tail end of his career. He did well in the Motor City, batting .310 and .303 while splitting time between third and the outfield.

R319-Helmar New Art Preview, New York Giants: Travis Jackson and Davey Williams

This second grouping of new art for the R319-Helmar series is also exciting:

Travis “Stonewall” Jackson has yet to appear in the series, so this portrait is overdue. Of course, Travis is one of those Hall of Famers that tends to get overlooked. He’s shown in his New York Giant uniform, the only big league team that he ever played with. Jackson was a pretty good hitter, batting .291 over the course of his career. It was as a fielder and team leader, though, that held his true value. I find it interesting that he commanded infields that included Bill Terry, Fred Lindstrom, George Kelly, Frank Frisch and Rogers Hornsby, each of which went to the Hall long before Jackson. Yet all these great batsmen depended upon Jackson’s glove and brain on a daily basis. Terry recognized this as much as anyone did, and it was at his prodding that Jackson finally reached the Hall. Welcome to the series, Travis.

Another New York Giant infielder, though of another era, also makes his first appearance in the R319-Helmar series. Davey Williams, an able second baseman from 1949-55, will be a high numbered card. Williams was suggested by longtime hobbyist and author C. Paul Rogers. Williams batted for a high mark of .297 during the storied 1953 season and I’m thrilled to have him join our series.

New Art arrives for R319-Helmar Series. Lot 1 Sneak Peeks: Koufax, Lefty O’Doul, Babe Herman

A new batch of art for our R319-Helmar series has just arrived from Sanjay Verma. Sanjay managed to get the pieces to us just prior to leaving for his exhibition in Greece. His exhibition is a joint effort on behalf of both the Indian and Greece governments. I am certain that he will do well and have a great time.

This week I will preview for you this new art. Today I’ll list some of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodger pieces. Both Koufax paintings were commissions and are already spoken for.

I’m a Brooklyn Dodger fan and was glad to add Lefty O’Doul to the mix as a high number. Lefty already appears with the New York Giants as card #11, but his two and a half years with Brooklyn were among his most productive. In 1932, for instance, his .368 batting average led the National League.

It is a special thrill to finally add a Babe Herman card to the series. As a kid I remember reading humorous stories about Babe from a ratty old paperback. He seemed like a genuinely good fellow, more than a bit naive and a truly terrible fielder. Babe could certainly hit, though. He followed up 1929’s batting average of .381 with a .393 mark the following season. Between the two campaigns he had 243 runs batted in. Wow!

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