T205-Helmar: Looking Forward to a New Project

I’ve been wanting to make a modern vintage series inspired by the T205 Gold Border set for a long, long time. The archetypes, considered by most to be the most beautiful cards of the pre-WWl era, have fascinated collectors for a century. It will be an honor to extend and compliment the legacy of the original artists with our own work.

We’ll have more background on the cards in the future, but here is a prototype that we’ve made.

mays carl mock up t205helmar

2 thoughts

  1. Sounds fantastic. Are you going to include any of the Negro League stars who who left out of such a beautiful production?


    1. I’m planning to add in as many Negro League players as I can find good reference images for. That is always the challenging part, but I’m excited to see how the first ones will look. This will be a fun series to work on! Thanks for the comment, Charles.


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