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  1. Hi Mark. Those large pieces were done on commission and are only available at his web site. Sometimes he puts a couple up for auction but not that often. You are right about guys like Joe Wood, etc., bringing more than what their stats would suggest but they are each very popular players. Collectors and baseball fans love a good story and those three players have a real aura. There are quite a few lesser known players (like Tenney) that are surprisingly popular as they are known to hard-core fans. Many of the Negro league players fit into this category.


  2. Love the 6 player die cuts and a 20 player team die cut is an even better display piece . When you do the Red Sox team can you include Cy Young in a Boston uniform ? Unclear as to whether you will be expanding the 6 player series with more Major League teams ( Boston teams only have 2 cards each while some teams have 4 or 5 ) but hope he could be included in that series as well . Boston is very well represented in all your series ( 3 of the first 8 HOFers played for the Red Sox – Young , Speaker & Ruth ) but since this series is my favorite and the most unique I thought I ‘d weigh in . If you can’t please do more minor league teams – like them too . Thanks for your work on the early players – Mark


    1. Mark, thank you so much for your comment. I did finish that series of large team displays. Cy Young is front and center with the Boston National League team as he retired there. The Red Sox display may have been my favorite. You can see them at letsplaytwocollectibles.com. Regarding the 6 player die cuts, I am getting anxious to add some minor league teams plus some negro league teams. Adding more Boston cards is a possibility, I’ll think about that. Best, Charles


      1. Thanks for thinking about adding more Boston cards – I sure would like to purchase a card with Joe Wood and Duffy Lewis to add to my collection ( as well as the other players who aren’t on the two existing ) and since you already have the art work I’ll keep hoping . New to your company and I only have 11 cards and since they are half sold I have some catching up to do . Thanks for the info on the 20 player cards love the Red Sox card but the Polo Grounds card is beautiful too ! Are these about to be auctioned or sold out as I haven’t seen them yet the last two months? I ‘ ve noticed with other art card companies that Thorpe , Jackson and Wood command higher prices than their careers would suggest ( often more popular than Wagner , Johnson , Mathewson etc. ) but what explains Fred Tenney ?? Thanks again Mark


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