Helmar Collector Checklists

Note: the most current updates, with photos and enhanced material, are available at helmarbrewing.com. You can register for free.

Click a  DIAMOND  link to receive the desired checklist by email auto-responder! Lists are periodically updated and corrected.

R319-Helmar Master Checklist.  now 385 cards to date in a format similar to the 1933 Goudey set. Latest update June 30, 2013

H813-4 Boston Garter-Helmar Checklist. 45 very unusual cards with great artwork.

L3 Helmar Master Checklist. Reminiscent of the famous Rose postcard set. Inset crystals, 207 cards.

 R321-Helmar Master Checklist. A series of 77 hand-made cards. Four players on a card. Updated June 14, 2014

Helmar 6-Up Die-Cut Master Checklist. 74 team cards with 6 player portraits die-cut into a local scene. Many scarce minor league teams.

 E145-Helmar Master Checklist. Similar in design to the 1914-5 Cracker Jacks. 104 cards.

Helmar Imperial Cabinets Master Checklist.  Large colored player images on heavy board. Updated June 14, 2014

 Prominent Newsmakers Cabinets Master Checklist. Traditional cabinet cards.

 Heroes of the Polo Grounds Master Checklist.  The most complete series ever on the subject. Series now retired.

 L1-Helmar Leathers Master Checklist.  On genuine leather. Series now retired.

 T202-Helmar Master Checklist. The iconic triple folders.

R318-Helmar Master Checklist. Our “Hey-Batter” series of player die cut cards.

T206-Helmar Master Checklist. Cards 1-192. Updated June 14, 2014

17 thoughts

  1. Charles, Nice addition to the hobby. Your cards are beautiful and interesting. I am a fan and will be buying. My only input is if your cards are only printed to 40, can you # them ?
    thank you, Jimmy


  2. Brian, you are very, very kind. Thank you for taking the time to drop me that nice note. I really do appreciate it very much. Always the best, Charles


  3. Hi Charles, I just discovered your beautiful cards, seriously, I just discovered them about 12 minutes ago. They are simply amazing. I am happy there are people like you around in this world who create such beauty. In the morning, I will let my son, who is just now getting into collecting baseball cards, discover your masterpieces too.

    Good night from Texas,
    Brian Humek


    1. Hello Carroll, I just have the one for myself. I might know someone that has the Tenney card, I will write him and, if he has one, ask him to contact you directly. I have your email. Thanks, Charles


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