Library of Congress Online Catalog is a treasure of baseball history

Young Jimmie Foxx, Philadelphia A’s

If you’re like me, you never tire of baseball history. And old baseball photographs and card art is one of the most entertaining things to spend hours looking at.

The best place to sift through old baseball photos and cards is the deep honey pot that is the Library of Congress archive.

Great news! The LOC has most of their collection digitized and online to enjoy for free.

The card art above depicts Jimmie Foxx, young slugger for the Philadelphia A’s in the 1920s. Foxx was a huge man with strong arms, broad shoulders, and tree-trunk legs. He retired having hit more home runs than any right-handed batter in the history of the game.

Visit the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog >

One thought

  1. I will most definitely spend time on the LOC site. Santa brought the book “Game Faces” this year, which features cards at the LOC dating1887-1914. I highly recommend it!


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