What we’re working on today

The 1910-11 T3 Turkey Red series is often considered by collectors to be the most beautiful of all early baseball sets. In fact, the beauty of this series has probably never been surpassed since the oversized cards appeared over a century ago. Amazing.

I’ve finally decided that it is time for us to take a shot at our own version of the iconic series. After months of discussion we’ve started to work on our first paintings. Here’s an advance view of our Eddie Collins card as of a couple days ago.

And here is the work as of today. Any suggestions for improvement? Also, if you have any other ideas for this series, such as player suggestions, please let me know!! Charles.

2 thoughts

  1. Charles, looks beautiful , as usual. I would like to see the $100,000. infield. I miss the magazine, it was a quality item. I’m becoming enthralled with the Wide World of Helmar, I’m joining late in the game .The brewery items , advertising items , labels, locks, caps, chips, ,silks. The 3series , caramels , Colgans , the Tuesday nighters , stamp art. I have received lots of help from Jeff Baker. I wish there was a place for Helmar fans to share info, items for sale or trade , or to be in communication with other fans. You’ve been very active, and I want to thank you for your passion, you’ve made collecting enjoyable again. It’s a challenge to figure out what you’ve done. Have you considered cigar box art, cigar band art , cigar boxes with baseball themed art? My Helmars would live very happily in a cigar box. Also have seen some bat labels that are very attractive. Again , THANK YOU ! Randy


    1. The $100k infield would be a great addition, thank you for thinking of it. I happened to leaf through a copy of the magazine the other day. It made me a bit sad but I thought that the issue still held up well; not sure if there was much that I would have changed. As for selling-trading with other Helmar collectors we have a new “marketplace” available on the website. And I’ll be adding in checklists and images for a bunch of the old projects. Cigar art–I love the stuff and have done quite a bit of research already. It is a challenging area but I hope to do some good work there. And the bat labels are very interesting. I wonder if it would be better to have the “labels” mounted somehow. The shapes are very intriguing but I don’t know if people would like collecting squirrely shapes. THANK YOU for your post.


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