The 1933 Game of the Century

Last year Mike Shannon, long-time envy of baseball writers everywhere, kindly agreed to write the backs of my Helmar “Game of the Century” series. What a great job he did! Mike used the “voice” of a 1930’s sportswriter when doing the compositions. I had to laugh the first time I read through his submissions… they were right on and were the perfect compliment to the art deco style portraits. Here is one example, front and back:

Mike is the forever editor of the magazine Spitball, which he founded back in 1981. If you are a baseball fan and have not subscribed you are missing the best value out there! Don’t bother with the one or two year offers; a lifetime subscription is only $125! Basically the same price as a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Mike also wrote an article published in Sports Collectors Digest (June 4, 2018) about the series. You can access it here.

3 thoughts

  1. Helmar cards are “awesome”! I have been a customer ever since they put packs of cards inside potato chip bags. Your loyalty to painstakingly recreating the cards is truly an honor to the game of baseball. Keep it up!


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