We Enter the Amazon

Decided to market Baseball History & Art on Amazon. What can go wrong? Three issues are now available there, each come with one of the special art cards that I’ve written about in this space. If you have time, please take a moment and give us a review. It looks a bit bare without at least a couple!

Winter, 2015 Baseball History & Art Magazine

page1 2015 Baseball History & Art Magazine


5 thoughts

  1. I don’t buy very many magazines anymore but I knew I would have to give this one a shot when I found out about it shortly after the first issue came out. I wasn’t disappointed. Everything written in the previous comments is true.

    I purchased the first two issues at Barnes & Noble on trips to the U.S. from Canada and the third issue through Charles’ eBay store. I wish the magazine was available locally but my favorite bookseller says they aren’t able to order it. The eBay purchase worked out fine so I’ll continue to acquire future issues that way.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. In a word, I’d say the magazine is exceptional.

    After becoming captivated by the imaginative artwork of the Helmar cards, I purchased the first issue only on a trial basis. However, if it turned out I didn’t read the issue cover to cover, it would be one and done for me. I enjoyed it immensely from the first article to the last, learning quite a bit.

    As noted in Ted Hallman’s comments here, the magazine is beautifully designed and filled with engaging articles regarding the early history of baseball and interesting layouts featuring Helmar cards against clever backdrops. The inaugural issue well exceeded my expectations, so when the second and third volume came out, I made the same agreement with myself, that I would have to read every word. After the third one, I read it so quickly, I was a bit sad as I’d have to wait a while before the next new issue, so I mailed in my subscription card. I’ve since shared the magazines r with my dad and son and got them interested too.


  3. As an avid collector of Helmar Art Cards, I subscribed – initially – with a certain trepidation. How, I wondered could Charles Mandel and the incredible staff at Helmar ( including the artists ) possibly evoke in us the same sense of transport to a bygone era that they so consistently manage with the baseball cards? The cards are perfection; in concept, design, artwork, execution and refinement. There is no nit to pick, no flaw to micro critique. So how could Baseball History and Art possibly live up to this standard? It turns out that the magazine is a seamless transition from the cards. The artwork and the photography are beautiful. The articles are wonderfully written, and open doors on fascinating chapters of baseball that most of us has have long forgotten . I am not certain of to many things, but I am certain that if you subscribe to Helmar Baseball Art and History – you will never have a moment’s regret. Helmars’ vibrancy and viability will greet you with every turn of the page.


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