It’s here! Helmar’s Baseball History & Art magazine Inaugural issue!

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The inaugural issue of Baseball History & Art is now available! Seventy-six full color, beautiful pages of baseball history with vintage Helmar-style art. Printed on thick, wonderful paper! 8.5″ x 11″, 76 pages.

If you want to learn the stories behind the player’s names, along with great art, this is the magazine for you.

This INAUGURAL issue includes:

  • TY COBB die-cut, 7.5″ dia. portrait insert in the style of the popular circa 1911 “Fan for a Fan”.
  • “Players We Ought to Know” features stories behind history’s most interesting players
  • “Black Stars Exhibit” brings great art and bios of some of baseball’s best blackball era stars
  • “Boneyards” feature on Forbes Field, Honus Wagner and the history of that great, lost ball field. Written by Mark Schraf.
  • “Finding Home”, in which author Steve Hermanos tracks down and visits the apartment Christy Mathewson and J.J. McGraw shared in 1903. It is still there!
  • “Ticket Stub” feature examines how a no-name rookie beat Bob Feller for the pennant. Written by Dennis Snelling.
  • An insightful interview with Marty Appel about Mickey Mantle and the boys as he knew them.
  • An examination and discussion of the many Helmar-T206 card backs. There’s more involved in those beauties than one might expect!
  • Auction results of Helmar cards in graph form
  • “The Lucky Man,” an interview with super-collector Jerry Bradley
  • Mike Shannon, editor of Baseball History & Art, puts the hobby in review in a thoughtful book review

This magazine is about BOTH baseball history and collecting. It will be published on a quarterly basis…this listing is for ONLY the first issue. You will love it!

8 thoughts

  1. I have subscribed to this magazine and loved every page of it. For someone who is a younger fan (36 years of age) who feels like they were born in the wrong baseball era (although I love today’s baseball as well), this magazine has been a godsend. Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep up the faithful reading.


  2. The magazine is superb. After reading the article about the search for Christi Mathewson and John McGraw’s apartment building, I am hooked. I rarely read a magazine cover to cover, but I’ll enjoy this one thoroughly.

    Thank you Charles for making this such a fun sector in the hobby.


  3. I can’t remember the last time that I discovered any sports collectible which held me so thoroughly enthralled. Each of the innumerable decisions that serve as the back story for every card seem to possess a single common denominator; tugging us- the decades long baseball lover, back to that feeling when we first stripped open a pack of cards in our childhood. I can not adequately express my gratitude to Charles Mandel and the staff at Helmar for sharing their love of the game – and its players – with us. Thank you Mr. Mandel. We are deeply indebted to you for rekindling a spark I had long since given up for dead.


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