3rd Party Helmar Items Currently on eBay: some interesting stuff!

Once in a while I do like to check eBay to see what old Helmar items resurface. Here are a few of my current eBay favorites:

Helmar Polo Grounds
A nice grouping and a springboard to collecting the full series. Most individual cards had only 2-3 made! No one has a complete run of 66, as far as I know.
I think just 3 were made.
   I think just 3 of these padlocks of Jud Wilson were made.


2 thoughts

  1. Approximately 5 years ago, I bought a Honus Wagner wood sign. I haven’t seen one on Ebay for a long time. Believe you also made ones with Ruth and Matthewson. Do you still sell these? How many were made?


    1. Thanks, George, for your note. I haven’t advertised those in years. Once in a while someone will ask and I’ll make one for them. I didn’t keep track of how many of each were sold but there were not very many, especially of the large sizes. Thanks, hope that you’ve been enjoying your Wagner!


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