Team Display Introduction: Brooklyn Superbas!

The links will take you directly to the eBay auction (from another seller). Seller supplied details underneath photos. Or call Greg at +1.703.888.8311 if you are interested in a complete set. 

*Remember, to receive a 10% discount through eBay or by direct call use the secret code “Cobb“.

Doing the Brooklyn team display was a great time. The background was taken from a late 19th century poster and made a perfect backdrop for the player portraits. Everyone loves the old Brooklyn uniforms and we have two different versions appearing. Plus, this display has some of my favorite players-Zack Wheat, Nap Rucker, Edgar Lennox and Wild Bill Dahlen.

Superbas_front_with_cutting_guides set up Brooklyn reverse 22 x 18 no shadows super2 super3 super1

Each team portrait is an impressive 18.5” in height by 22’’ in length and modeled after Helmar Brewing’s ever-popular 6-Up Die Cut Series.  Each portrait is hand crafted using a proprietary process, which creates a finished piece that is substantial, measuring approximately .25 inches thick using 8 layers of construction.


The obverse of the portrait comprises a period-relevant background meaningful to the team’s home city and three rows of individual oval-shaped player portraits (totaling 19 players), each measuring approximately 2.5” in height and 2” in width.  Featured Red Sox player portraits include: Speaker, Stahl, Hooper, Wood, Cicotte, Carrigan, and Chesbro. The player portraits are recessed (die cut) and outlined beautifully with Gold Borders.  The official team name – Boston Red Sox – is shown at the top and the name of it home field – Fenway Park – is shown at the bottom.  Sometimes baseballs are positioned next to the team name and/or field name.  See pictures.


The reverse of each team portrait includes the team’s 1910 schedule with results (won/loss/tied and score) on the right side as well as picture of Helmar Brewing’s BIG LEAGUE BrewTM with a Christy Mathewson label on the left side.  See pictures.


Each team portrait is a distinctive creation using new designs from Helmar Brewing; individual player portraits are reminiscent of old T205 and T206 tobacco cards.  All the baseball greats from yesteryear from Cobb to Jackson to Johnson to Mathewson to Wagner to Young are in this series.


Paper stock consistent with the early 20th century is used to fashion each portrait.  The portrait is then antiqued and mildly distressed to give it the traditional Helmar Brewing worn, well-loved look. You will feel as if you are holding a vintage portrait in your hands.  Because each portrait is hand crafted, no two portraits look exactly the same.  Finally, each portrait is hand numbered.


Teams can be purchased individually or as a complete set.  Ten (10) complete matching-numbered sets are being held in reserve for set collectors, which is a first for a Helmar Brewing endeavor.


There are 14 team portraits total, 7 each from the American and National Leagues:


American League Teams                                              National League Teams


Boston Red Sox                                                           Boston Doves


Chicago White Sox                                                       Brooklyn Superbas     


Cleveland Naps                                                            Chicago Cubs


Detroit Tigers                                                               New York Giants


New York Highlanders                                                  Philadelphia Phillies


Philadelphia Athletics                                                  Pittsburgh Pirates


Washington Senators                                                   St. Louis Cardinals




The entire series took well over a year to conceive and produce.


Get your team portrait now!!  Price is a very reasonable $225.00per portrait, plus $20 for shipping.


These portraits are available only through Let’s Play Two Collectiblesand are extremely limited with only 20 portraits per team.  These portraits will not be offered again.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Call Let’s Play Two Collectiblesat +1.703.888.8311if you are interested in a complete set.


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