What I’m Working on Today: a new series. Here’s a sample.

It is always fun to begin a new series. Normally I work on a new series, set it aside, pick it up… they can take several years to complete. They become almost like members of the family.

This new one will be tobacco card sized and is called, “OUR GUY”. I rather like the border. I don’t know how many paintings will be in the set but I’m basing them on the old T206 series.

Here’s a sample, near complete.

0957fr_a2zcds_com     021 oleary

3 thoughts

  1. I like the card, it reminds me of sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band with all colors,
    no sets please its more fun, trying to make the set.


  2. Will this be available for purchase as a set or individual cards on ebay? If it’s available as a set I want one!


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