More Cards Means More Fun– R319-Helmar Series Expands

For over a year the number of cards in our most popular series has remained stable at 308. Starting this week, however, we will be slowly rolling out new hi-numbered cards over the course of the summer. Forty-three new pieces of art have already been completed and  a few more will be ready soon. Players new to the set include Hall of Famers Pete Hill, George Kell and Elmer Flick. Other new players include Fleetwood Walker, Bing Miller, Freddy Fitzsimmons and Joe Dugan. We are serious in our attempts to showcase the deep history of our National Game. Second cards with new poses are available of such stars as Stan Musial, Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson and many others. The original paintings will also be sold over the coming hot weather months. Keep tuned!

5-7-2013015  5-7-2013019 5-7-2013018 5-7-2013017

Answer to our newsletter quiz: “Lefty Gehrig” and “Lou Lewis”

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