Serious Collector Completes the First R319-Helmar Series!

With 308 different cards and less than ten sets having been produced over the years, the R319-Helmar series can be an intimidating challenge for sports card curators. In fact, it has been suggested to us many times that no one would ever complete the entire series – but don’t tell that to Minneapolis based Dr. Charles Crutchfield! The well-known dermatologist, who has been named as one of NBC’s Top 100 Newsmakers, managed to complete his set in a matter of mere months. His secret? A persistent  presence at every Tuesday night auction until the task was completed. Please visit his business web site here and take advantage of his expertise if you are in the area. Congratulations, Doctor!


2 thoughts

    1. The 4-in-1 set and eager anticipation a possible expansion of the R319 set!
      I think Helmar cards are the most beautiful art baseball cards ever produced and believe they will increase in value year after year. Just look at the starting prices!
      Charles Crutchfield MD.


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