H813-4 Boston Garter-Helmar First Card: Ty Cobb

Our first Boston Garter prototype cards are finished and I’m quite pleased. The cards are huge at 8.5″ x 4.25″, which was the size of the original 1912 series. I’m planning of having 42 cards in the set but haven’t finished selecting the players. Paintings are already completed for a Wagner, a Mathewson, a Walter Johnson plus a few more.

The Cobb prototype was really fun to make; the huge size is a nice change of pace. The only problem is that I can’t decide which color sweater that I like best. What do you think? This week I will auction a red sweater version.  Click to visit our auctions in another window  here.

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5 thoughts

  1. i have just found a 1914 boston garter ty cob card in poor shape. it is not the card that you would have received with the dozen garters you purchased , rather it is the one card that was given to each store to promote the cards in the garter boxes. does anyone have any idea what it worth. went to card show this weekend outside boston and only one person had ever seen one.


  2. The gray sweater is the most complimentary one (and is probably most fitting for a vintage-style) but I actually like the red best– it really makes the card an “eye-popper!”


    1. There is always this conflict between being strictly accurate vs the desire to be creative. I tend toward being accurate with uniforms but sometimes I am tempted to jazz them up in some way!


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