R321-Helmar 4-in-1 Checklist

R321-Helmar-1 Marquard; Johnson; Mathewson; Joss; AL & NL MULTIPLE
R321-Helmar-2 Jackson; Williams; Risberg; McMullen; AL AMERICAN CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R321-Helmar-3 Cicotte; Felsch; Gandil; Weaver; AL AMERICAN CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R321-Helmar-4 Gleason; Rothstein; Attell; Cominski; AL AMERICAN CHICAGO WHITE SOX
R321-Helmar-5 McCovey; Perry; Marichal; Mays; NL NATIONAL SF GIANTS
R321-Helmar-6 Vaughn; L. Waner; P. Waner; Traynor; NL NATIONAL PITTSBURGH PIRATES
R321-Helmar-7 Cochrane; Greenberg; Gibson; Rowe; AL AMERICAN DETROIT TIGERS
R321-Helmar-8 Frisch, Frank; Dean, P; Medwick; Durocher; NL NATIONAL ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R321-Helmar-9 Dean; Haines; Vance; Martin; NL NATIONAL ST LOUIS CARDINALS
R321-Helmar-10 Chance; Tinker; Steinfeld; Evers; NL NATIONAL CHICAGO CUBS
R321-Helmar-11 Gibson; Bell; Paige; Johnson; NEGRO LEAGUES PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS
R321-Helmar-12 Banks; Beckert; Santo; Jenkins; NL NATIONAL CHICAGO CUBS
R321-Helmar-13 Cobb; Crawford; Jennings; Bush; AL AMERICAN DETROIT TIGERS

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