Our Biggest Project for 2012: 1912 Boston Garters Revisited

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One can’t help but like the 1912 Boston Garter series. If they weren’t so darn rare and expensive I would love to collect them. Not only are they colorful and unusually large (8.5″ x 4.25″), the locker room concept and art are absolutely unique among early 20th century art cards. Check out these images:


In December we began work on our own Helmar version of this iconic set. Forty-two cards are scheduled to be in the series and we expect the paintings to take until the end of October to complete. The first few cards should be available in about two months. In the meantime, I thought that you might enjoy this sneak preview of the card back that I designed:

4 thoughts

  1. The Boston Garter cards are beautiful, Charles. Can’t wait to see what you and your team come up with on this set. I also love the 1914 Boston Garter cards — the Shoeless Joe, Cobb, and Tris Speaker ones are particular favorites.

    All the best,



    1. Hi Bruce, I should have a prototype of ours done in 2-3 days. So far it looks really nice. The 1914 Boston Garter series is another landmark set. I do like the large size on these, it is something out of the ordinary!


    2. Charles, artwork is outstanding as usual. Would you be willing to share the names of your design team (artists)? Your Famous Athletes set is fast becoming my favorite baseball art card set and I look forward to completing the set. Bagged 6 unopened packs recently with only one duplicate. Thanks in advance for your reply


      1. Hello Jack, thanks for the note. The Famous Athletes series was great fun to put together and you should be able to put together a set without too much trouble. Some of the artists on that series were Kailish Raj, Vinod Jain and Sanjay Verma. I did the “director” work. I remember being very excited opening my first pack. Somewhere around here I have the first pack that rolled off the line, still unopened. Good luck with the series!


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