L1-Helmar Leather Cabinets Checklist

L1-Helmar-1 Evers, Johnny Throwing CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-2 Crawford, Sam After fly ball DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-3 Wilson, Hack Swinging CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-4 Alexander, Grover Wind-up PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
L1-Helmar-5 Archer, Jimmy Portrait CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-6 Baker, Frank Standing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
L1-Helmar-7 Bender, Chief Throwing PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
L1-Helmar-8 Custer, George Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-9 Cody, William Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-10 Oakley, Annie Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-11 Bat Masterson Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-12 Billy the Kid Standing NONE
L1-Helmar-13 Curley Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-14 Geronimo Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-15 Ap Pa Noo See Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-16 Sitting Bull Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-17 Faust, Charles Wind-up NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-18 Elberfeld, Kid With Bat BROOKLYN ROBINS
L1-Helmar-19 Cobb, Ty Bat Out DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-20 James, Jesse Portrait NO TEAM
L1-Helmar-21 Killian, Ed Throwing DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-22 Schmidt, Charlie Standing DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-23 Clarke, Fred Fielding PITTSBURGH PIRATES
L1-Helmar-24 Chesbro, Jack Throwing NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-25 Chase, Harold Stretching NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-26 Chapman, Ray Pitching CLEVELAND
L1-Helmar-27 Chance, Frank Swinging CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-28 Boudreau, Lou Standing CLEVELAND INDIANS
L1-Helmar-29 Bresnahan, Roger Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-30 Brown, Mordecai Pitching CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-31 Caldwell, Ray Follow through NEW YORK AMERICANS
L1-Helmar-32 Carey, Max Pitching Stance PITTSBURGH PIRATES
L1-Helmar-33 Camnitz, Howie Throwing PITTSBURGH PIRATES
L1-Helmar-34 Bottomley, Jim Pitching Stance ST LOUIS CARDINALS
L1-Helmar-35 Carrigan, Bill Swinging BOSTON RED SOX
L1-Helmar-36 Wagner, Hans Portrait PITTSBURGH PIRATES
L1-Helmar-37 Wallace, Bobby Throwing ST. LOUIS BROWNS
L1-Helmar-38 Young, Cy Wind-up BOSTON RED SOX
L1-Helmar-39 Claxton, Jimmy Pitching OAKLAND
L1-Helmar-40 Thorpe, Jim Pitching NONE
L1-Helmar-41 Thorpe, Jim Sitting NONE
L1-Helmar-42 Stengel, Chas. Standing BRKLYN
L1-Helmar-43 Tinker, Joe Throwing CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-44 Collins, Eddie Standing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-45 Delahanty, Ed Standing WASHINGTON SENATORS
L1-Helmar-46 Felsch, Oscar Leaning on knee CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-47 Duffy, Hugh Fielding CHICAGO
L1-Helmar-48 Bush, Donie Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-49 Coveleski, Stan Pitching CLEVELAND INDIANS
L1-Helmar-50 Cobb, Ty Batting Stance DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-51 Johnson, Walter Pitching Stance WASHINGTON SENATORS
L1-Helmar-52 Gibson, Josh Portrait CRAWFORDS GRAYS
L1-Helmar-53 Edison, Thomas Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-54 Doubleday, Abner Portrait GENERAL
L1-Helmar-55 Houdini, Harry Portrait MAGICIAN
L1-Helmar-56 Veach, Bobby Swinging DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-57 Walsh, Ed Pitching Follow Through CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-58 Flick, Elmer Standing with bat CLEVELAND INDIANS
L1-Helmar-59 Ouimet, Francis Portrait GOLF CHAMP
L1-Helmar-60 Jones, Bobby Golfing NONE
L1-Helmar-61 Lobert, Hans Throwing PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES
L1-Helmar-62 McGinnity, Joe Throwing NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
L1-Helmar-63 McGraw, John Portrait NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-64 Schaefer, Germany Stretching DETROIT AMERICANS
L1-Helmar-65 Snodgrass, Fred Batting NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-66 johnson, Jack Boxing NONE
L1-Helmar-67 Mandell, Sammy Boxing NONE
L1-Helmar-68 Wheat, Zack Throwing BROOKLYN ROBINS
L1-Helmar-69 Mathewson, Christy Throwing NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-70 Keeler, Willie Bunting NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS
L1-Helmar-71 Faber, Red Throwing CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-72 Gleason, Kid Throwing BALTIMORE ORIOLES
L1-Helmar-73 Keefe, Tim Ball at Chest NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-74 Ewing, Buck Hands at chest NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-75 Tenney, Fred; Long, Herman; Collins, Jimmy; Lowe, Bobby Studio Portrait BOSTON BEANEATERS
L1-Helmar-76 Comiskey, Charles Hands at hips ST. LOUIS BROWNS
L1-Helmar-77 Latham, Arlie Hands at hips ST. LOUIS BROWNS
L1-Helmar-78 Thompson, Sam Batting Stance DETROIT WOLVERINES
L1-Helmar-79 Cochrane, Mickey Squatting DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-80 Dickey, Bill Legs wide NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-81 Devlin, Art Batting NEW YORK GIANTS
L1-Helmar-82 Dean, Dizzy High kick ST. LOUIS CARDINALS
L1-Helmar-83 Feller, Bob High kick CLEVELAND INDIANS
L1-Helmar-84 Ruth, Babe Batting follow through NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-85 Mantle, Mickey Batting NEW YORK YANKEES
L1-Helmar-86 Johnson, Bob Batting follow through PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
L1-Helmar-87 Barnum, P.T. Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-88 Wright, Wilber Portrait AVIATION
L1-Helmar-89 Lindberg, Charles Portrait AVIATION
L1-Helmar-90 Darwin, Charles Portrait NONE
L1-Helmar-91 Foxx, Jimmy Batting follow through PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
L1-Helmar-92 Nagurski, Bronco Hands on knees CHICAGO BEARS
L1-Helmar-93 Gandil, Chick Throwing follow through CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-94 Greenberg, Hank Batting follow through DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-95 Jackson, Joe Batting CHICAGO WHITE SOX
L1-Helmar-96 Goslin, Goose Batting DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-97 Hornsby, Rogers Stretching ST. LOUIS BROWNS
L1-Helmar-98 Tally, Jesse Lee Batting follow through HOUSE OF DAVID
L1-Helmar-99 Dewhirst, Bob Batting follow through HOUSE OF DAVID
L1-Helmar-100 Cooper, Carson Waiting for puck DETROIT COUGARS
L1-Helmar-101 Hay, George Waiting for puck DETROIT COUGARS
L1-Helmar-102 Koufax, Sandy Leaning forward LOS ANGELES DODGERS
L1-Helmar-103 Lajoie, Nap Batting follow through PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS
L1-Helmar-104 Crawford, Sam Throwing follow through DETROIT TIGERS
L1-Helmar-105 Moran, Pat Leaning forward CHICAGO CUBS
L1-Helmar-106 Konetchy, Ed Stretching ST. LOUIS BROWNS
L1-Helmar-107 Coveleski, Harry Arm forward CINCINNATI REDS
L1-Helmar-108 Joss, Addie Arms at chest CLEVELAND INDIANS

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