Welcoming the T202-Helmars…starting with Ty Cobb meeting Honus Wagner

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What a thrill it is, finally getting around to making the first cards from our T202-Helmar series. The art for many of these was actually painted as long ago as 2007! So far we have 13 different cards finished.

I remember the first time that I held cards from the original Hassan T202 series, I thought that they were so clever, just the coolest thing ever printed. The series came out in 1912, folded into packs of Hassan cigarettes. There are 76 different center panels and a total of 132 different cards. I would hope that, over time, Helmar can reach that number. The paintings take quite a bit of time to do, so this is a long term project for us. This card, as well as a few others, is now at auction through our regular Tuesday evening eBay auction.

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2 thoughts

  1. Being a lifelong Detroit area resident, Cobb has always been my favorite. Don’t even attempt to engage me in the Cobb vs. Ruth argument! Thanks for the kind words, Sanjay did the painting.


  2. Once again, Charles, an amazing tribute to a classic series. Beautiful art work. A great way to launch the set with two iconic players such as Wagner + Cobb.


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