What am I working on? New L1-Helmar Leathers.

The last few days I’ve been working ahead on designs for new Helmar leathers, including some that I think will turn out very nicely. Next week I’ll start actually producing them, I hope to have a couple months worth ready to go. Since I’m auctioning just one finished leather of each design per year, it is important to me to have a rather big set with lots of variety. Here’s a few names of new leathers that you’ll be seeing over the next couple of months:

  1. Larry Lajoie                         Babe Ruth
  2. Christy Mathewson             Zack Wheat
  3. Tim Keefe                            Willie Keeler
  4. Fred Snodgrass                  Hans Lobert
  5. Boston Beaneaters             Buck Ewing
  6. Charles Comiskey             Arlie Latham
  7. Sam Thompson                  Dizzy Dean
  8. Bob Feller                           Bob Johnson
  9. B. Nagurski                         Goose Goslin
  10. Joe Jackson                       Hank Greenberg
  11. R. Hornsby                          Addie Joss
  12. Carson Cooper                  George Hay   (both with the 1927 Detroit Cougars of the NHL. Hay is in the HOF)
  13. C. Lindberg                         Wilber Wright   (love those early aviators)
  14. P.T. Barnum                        Charles Darwin


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