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Test Card Backs

As Helmar collectors know, there are a number of different back designs in our Helmar-T206 series. Collecting the backs has become something of a niche. Over the next several weeks I will be auctioning off early sample cards that I made using different back designs that were, for some reason or another, never used. This should be of interest to future collectors. The cards generally have test notations and markings. These may appear on the front and/or the back. I will note here that the majority of the sample cards had a front design with Johnson.

Here’s a test back for “Pin Head” cigarettes. I don’t recall why I didn’t end up using this design; I think that it was because I was choosing more colorful backings.

Each back is one of one and I just recently mounted them. Charles

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And another back; this time with Larry Lajoie

back 027 detroit 2ab ready

Another Special Team Back: Boston Red Sox

Celebrating the 1912 World Series.

2013-9-17 041a

Love those Detroit Stars Uniforms: Bruce Petway

From our T206-Helmar series. Click for larger view.

2013-9-10 209k

Other T206-Helmar New Favorites: Neal Ball, Boston

Most of us remember that Neal had the first unassisted triple play in the big leagues (against Boston in 1909). Few will recall, however, that he hit his only home run of the season that inning (and one of only four during his career). It sailed over the head of Boston center fielder Tris Speaker’s head, something that very rarely happened. In fact, it caused a great stir throughout the baseball world on it’s own merits. Here Neal is shown with the Red Sox, for whom he played for during the championship year of 1912. This will be the only Ball card with a Pharaoh’s Choice back.

Here is a link directly to the auction, which ends Tuesday.


2013-8-27  002

Neal Ball

Neal Ball

Colgan’s Chips Babe Ruth at Auction: One of Only Six Made

I really like the Ruth card that we have for auction this week. First, I’ve loved this cigarette card format now for over 40 years and it is great fun to work within this formula. And Ruth is posed as a young player with Boston-kind of a neat thing. It is also a Colgan’s Chips version, front and back. While there will be just a handful of these Ruth T206-Helmar cards made, just six total pieces will have the Colgan’s format. Each of the six will have different scenes behind the Ruth figure, making each unique, and this is one of my favorite versions.

The painting of Ruth was done by Sanjay Verma and I do think that he really captured the big man’s essence. The sweater is a nice touch, I think that they are always a nice change of pace.

Anyway, here is the Ruth and a link to the auction. It closes this Tuesday, as is usual for us. Hope that you enjoy. Charles

2013-8-27  008 2013-8-27  016

T206-Helmar Changes: This is Going to be Interesting!

Well, it has been a LONG time since I’ve managed to add to this series. It has been stuck at around 13 cards for at least a year. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on it. It seems to me that this should be an important set (for me, at least), so there were at least four months where I did nothing but think about what direction I wanted to take the project. Finally we started the actual painting and just recently I finished all the pre-production work. I think they look pretty good!

We’re going to try to go deep into the rosters of each team. If you’ve followed our work you know that we love doing as many different players as possible in each series. It may be much more work but, in the end, I think that it makes for a more historically important statement.

In addition, there are two new aspects that should be fun. I am printing 26 cards of each player. The same figure of, say, Billy Gilbert of the New York Nat’l team, will be placed against many different, colorful backgrounds. Some players will have as many as fourteen different backgrounds. Your first thought may be that this seems like overkill. However, most of the backgrounds give the card a significantly different look. It often seems like a completely different card, at least in person! The aim is to keep things fresh and I hope that after a few months that you’ll agree.

The second new aspect is that the backs are a major departure for us. I have designed a number of different backs, with most in full color. Any card may have as many as 13 different backs. With only 26 cards made, there may be only two cards made that are exactly the same. Actually, there are a fair number of cards that will completely unique. Here is an example of my print sheet for Billy Gilbert. Remember, sheets must be flipped during production.

084 sheet front

084 sheet back

T206-Helmar Ty Cobb sells for $610

Congratulations to both buyer and seller on this eBay auction .

12 4 22037

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