What we’re working on today…

Time to shake things up a bit! Here’s one of the first paintings for a new series that will concentrate on the 1950’s.

I expect that the final size will be 3″ x 4″. How about sending me some suggestions for the name of this new set? Any players that you would like to see?

Best, Charles

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    1. My original idea was to restrict the series to better known players in order to make it a smaller series that I usually do. You are making me reconsider that; there are a bunch of interesting but lesser known players that might be fun to include.


  1. Beautiful!

    Who is that player? I’d like to see Hank Aaron. Mickey Mantle. Jackie R. Japanese guys?


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    1. Orlando Cepeda. A recent suggestion was Wally Post and I think that he would be a fine addition. Japanese players would be interesting, I hadn’t considered them. Any support for this out there?


  2. Due to the fact that the 50’S signify teams on the move in a search for the” land of gold”, and because of the New York teams domination of baseball, my suggestion would be :The Golden Empire Set. Exciting times in baseball. Lots of colorful , interesting , and somewhat overlooked ballplayers toiled in cities other than New York I would like to see some attention given to the other 15 (other than Dodgers) teams racial pioneers. Larry Dolby and other players need to be recognized for being First in their cities and clubs. Most without a Rickey Plan paving the way.


      1. Tom Alston of the Cardinals was a very interesting person. Check out his life story some time. Very tragic. I find the
        shaping and destiny of the 50s interesting. The Integration of Major League Baseball by Rick Swaine is a good book on that era. “Hurricane” Bob Hazel and Big Klu

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